Black Tree Brush


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This is it! A black beta-based brush.
To fill in the scene with 1 stroke.



Trees blend into our life scenery and they are essential to every scene.

Still, it is too complicated to draw one by one, it takes times and labors.
You may scream or scratch your head,
when you see the appearance frequency and number of trees every time.


Such pain can be easily solved by using materials. 


Black Tree Brush is a black beta-based brush and
it is well-made for real-style drawing.
It is a convenient brush material that quickly fill up
the whole scene with stamp and stroke only




Composition of 23 patterns with white background






If white background is unnecessary



You can erase white background freely by clicking
Edit tab → Convert brightness to opacity.





Black Tree Brush – Example of flat stroke



You can redo it as many time as you like.




Black Tree Brush – Example of perspective effect drawing



The brush is initially set to change size with pen pressure
which provide a free perspective effect.


※The setting can changed from the “Brush window”.





Dense Example – Black Tree Brush



Each pattern is carefully created one by one
to prevent drawing become monotonous even they are dense.
It will not become pure black, no matter how many repeated drawing.





Enlarged View – Black Tree Brush



The material is carefully created to the smallest details,
so it can endure some enlargement.




Usage Example – Black Tree Brush




※Brush materials that used

Black Tree, Brick Ribbon, Brick Tone (Arch Shape),
Black Leaves (Distant View), Simple Grass, Sketching Style Hatching, Smooth Cloud, Normal Cloud


Once you buy the brush material, it can be used forever.
Please use Black Tree Brush that can be used easily by Clip Studio Paint.


Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge, please read before purchase.



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