White Tree Brush


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It corresponds to white simple drawing.
White Tree Brush Material




White tree looks like simple to draw, but the quality of the line can be noticeable directly because it cannot be cheated by filling in beta (solid color).


Even though 1 or 2 of tree can be drawn carefully, but as the number increases, the work will becomes coarse.

“It turned out like a scratchy white background……”

Well, tragedy always happen.


It is easy to eliminate such troubles by using White Tree Brush Materials.
With only stamps and strokes, you can draw trees with stable lines.




Composition of 15 patterns with white background






White Tree Brush – Example of flat stroke



You can redo it as many time as you like until you get a favorite brush pattern.





White Tree Brush – Example of perspective effect drawing



The brush is initially set to change size with pen pressure.
By adjusting your pen pressure, you can have a free perspective effect.

※The setting can changed from the “Brush window”.





Dense Example – White Tree Brush



To consider the overall balance, the color scheme is changed for each brush pattern.
No matter how much you draw, it will not become a monotonous impression.

It can also be used for far or medium distance forests. 





Enlarged View – White Tree Brush



The material is carefully created to the smallest details,
so it can endure some enlargement.






Usage Example – White Tree Brush




※Brush materials that used

White Tree, White Tree (Beta Shading), Sea/River Surface, Simple Grass, Sketching Style Hatching, Smooth Cloud, Normal Cloud, Fog Cloud, Big and Small Waves Splash Ribbon Brush (contain in Stormy Waves 6 Type Brushes).



Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.



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