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Let’s Get Out The Originality! How To Draw A Tree With Bushy Leaves (White) Brush

Tree and leaves are one of the landscape depictions that appear most frequently.

While it used in various scenes, the amount of drawing is large.
Create an quickly efficient drawing method
so that the whole drawing speed will change greatly.

Just stamping and stroking with bushy leaves (white) brush to make drawing easier.

On this page, we will use “bushy leaves (white) brush” and show the making of a tree.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




The making of tree with Bushy Leaves (White) Brush


Bushy leaves (white) brush is a brush set that can draw leaves as shown
below with just stamps and strokes.
It is a brush stamp for the close view on upper part and distant view on lower part.





The enclosed ribbon brush is a stroke brush that can be arranged more finely.
There are two types of brush for distant view and close view.





Then start to draw the leaves of trees.
First of all, draw the trunks and branches as the foundation.
Using “Trunk, branch, root (vertical line_white)” brushes

Since the majority of branches are hidden by leaves,
just draw the branches which peeking out from the leaves.

You don’t need to draw unnecessary thing.
In manga drawing, it is important to improve the efficiency.





Add more detailed branches.
Here Use a “branch brush (white)”,but most of them will be hidden by leaves.
If you draw branch by hand after the leaves drawn, there will be no waste.





Make a new layer and stamp bushy leaves (white) brush anywhere.
Thick line of close view brush is suitable for outline.

The brush material contains a white background like this.
Continue drawing using this white background.





After finishing the whole outline, touch up the details.
Add some stamp until you satisfy, on the contrary,
you can make your desire shape by crushing unnecessary parts with white.






Use the ribbon brush (close view) to emphasize the outline of the leaves on branches.





Make a new layer under the leaves, trunks and branches,
then stamp more leaves behind the tree.






After that, add shadow to the leaves on the back of the trunk and branch with hatching.
※Sketching style hatching brush used





Shade on the branches (under the leaves of the foreground) with hatching.
Like that, the shadow of the leaves rides on the branches will direct a stereoscopic effect.





To make the branch stand out, put a solid color (beta) on.





Because the density of the leaves is uniform, Create unevenness.
Make another new layer and painted the blue circle with white.
※It is also possible to use a “layer mask”.
Shaded areas are added to the red circle.





Hold “Ctrl” key + click the layer and take the selection area of the leaves of trees
and paste any tone on the leaves.
If you use the selected area of the white background,
you can finish the tone sticking in complex shape for a moment.






The leaves behind the trunks and branches will also apply the tone.
To make a difference with the front, changing the color of the tone
and differentiating it somewhat is completed.


If you keep the layer separate for each part, it will be much convenient for the finishing.




This is the final layer composition.
You can merge the layers after editing.



White leaves seem simple, drawing work is a very difficult task.

If you use this brush material for sketching and troublesome drawing as well
Just ignore the fine shape and just focus on the overall balance OK.

Please give it a try.


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