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Various Applications Depend On Ingenuity! Draw Crater With Crack Brush

Cracks show devastation and destruction of artifacts, and also the drought.
It is an expression that commonly used for scene production.

The expression of crack which the line extends irregularly like the tree branches,
it takes a lots of time and effort to draw one by one.

That is the convenient part of crack brush.

Various applications are useful with direction setting,
it is a substitute brush material for branches of tree, lightning and more.

This page introduces how to draw craters using crack brushes.


Learn basics of brush materials here




Crack Brush Materials・The Making Of Crater




Although the main point are introduced in the video,
details will explain in text below.

First, draw the circumference of the crater with “Crack Ribbon” brush material.
It is okay if you stroke to the shape of a circle.





Add another circumference again.





Erase the crack in the circle with an eraser.





Take the selection area outside the circle.





Change the crack brush material’s setting as below.





After setting is changed,
draw a radial crack by circling around like the stroke of red arrow.





Add and extand the outer crack with “Crack Ribbon” brush material.





Adjust the pen pressure of “Crack Brush” to reduce the size,
then add fine cracks to the outer circumference.





Take the selection area inside the crater.





Draw the crack inside by follow the red arrow’s stroke with the Crater Ribbon brush.





A state which the crack inside has been full within the circle.





Apply gradation in the circle and make a difference in elevation,
then crater will be completed.
Adjust the shading or solid color (beta) as preference to make it more realistic.





Next, create an ellipse crater with perspective.
This is the same work as a round crater.





Set the center of the circle to lower side of the circle and
stroke the “Crater ribbon” brush material.





This is the state which the crack inside has been full within the circle.





Shrink the vertical width of the crater by Edit→Transform→Scale up/Scale down/Rotate (Ctrl+T).




Complete the elliptical crater by pasting shadow and gradation.


Adjust the shading or solid color (beta) as preference to make it more realistic.





If the perspective of the back doesn’t match,
deform only the upper part of the outer circumference.





The destruction are basically time-consuming tasks.
Also, if not familiar with the drawing, craters and cracks will be a very troublesome task.

Please use the application method above,  to shorten your time.


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