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Easy Peasy! How to use Trunk, Branch, Root Ribbon Brush Materials

Tips for using Trunk, Branch, Root Brushes



Although the thickness of brush is set initially to slightly change with pen pressure,
but the start and end point of drawing may become small.





The minimum value of pen pressure can be change from the setting.
Please adjust according to personal pen pressure.




When drawing side to side,
please shift the starting point or draw from opposite direction
to change the pattern.






How to use the trunk, branch, root ribbon brush.



1.First Draw the center trunk.

      ※Using trunk brush




2.Draw the roots from above the trunk while adjusting the pen pressure.
At this time, make layers on above and below the trunk will make editing easier.
※Using Trunk, Branch, Root (Large,Small,Smallest) Brushes




3.Scrape the overlap root with the trunk by using scraping brush (transparent color).




4.The bottom part is also shaped according to the application.




5.Add more lines and white color to adjust the whole shading.
       ※Using Trunk (base) brush




6.Draw grass and others around the roots to complete the drawing.
Branches can be drawn in the same way.



In addition, we introduce various application methods.
The trunk brush can be used for various scenes depending on usage.

For more details, please refer to each application of trunk brush.


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